PrintBuzz Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure you’ll be happy with your purchase. However, if your item doesn’t arrive or wasn’t what was described in the listing:

We’ll make sure that you get the item you ordered;

or You’ll be refunded the purchase price and original postage costs.

PrintBuzz Money Back Guarantee gives you peace of mind and ensures you are protected if your order didn't arrive, it's damaged or doesn't match the details on the website.

Please see our full policy guidelines below:

Frequently Asked Questions:

When does the PrintBuzz Money Back Guarantee Apply?
The guarantee is applied automatically once you have made a purchase from us.

Does the guarntee cover late deliveries?
The guarntee only covers late deliveries if you have selected a "Guaranteed" delivery service. This doesn't apply if attempted delivery by courier was made and there was no access and or no one available to receive the item. For any attempted deliveries, if no one is available to receive the item and the parcel get's returned to us automatcially, then we will refund the goods less the carrier charge. The guarntee does not cover Estimated delivery times. Please see our delivery section for the different services we offer here.

What is covered under the late deliveries?
You will be refunded the shipping costs if you choose to keep the items and if you wish to return the items we will send you a return lable free only if you selected a Guaranteed Shipping service. Estimated Shipping services are not covered by a time guarantee. 

What if the item arrives late and I only paid for Estimated shiping?
You can return the item to us for a refund, we will not refund any postage costs.

What if my item never arrives if I paid for an Estimated shipping?
You must allow 10 working days from the date of purchase so we can issue a claim, we will open an investigation and if no information is found to locate the item, we will issue a full refund for the item and shipping.

Would you issue a replacement if my item doesn't arrive or doesn't arrive in time?
For estimated delivery service after 10 working days if there is no delivery information found for a claim, we can offer to issue a replacement instead of a refund, subject to agreement. For Guaranteed delivery services, if tracking information is not locating the item, we will issue a replacement within 1 working day.  

What if the item arrives damaged or missing parts of the order?
We will offer to send you a replacement or a partial discount, depending on what is best suitable. 


Can I return or get a refund for personalised items?
We do not accept returns for personalised items and are unable to refund personalised items due to their nature. If a personalised item arrives damaged, we can only offer a replacement.